Annual Meeting 2016

Senior College Annual Meeting
Thursday, September 22, 2016, 11:45 am
Auditorium – Hutchinson Center


Proposed Changes to the Bylaws

Brought to you by popular demand, as several people requested that we send out ahead of time the proposed changes to the bylaws that will be voted on at the annual meeting.

Article VII

Section 5 – Communications Committee

Delete the whole section on Communications Committee.

Rationale: The Board determined that the 3 positions mentioned (Website manager, registrar, and a person responsible for external communication) were 3 independent positions and, subsequently, that it made no sense for them to meet as a committee.

Section 12 – E-news Editor

Delete “(Internal Communication), and is a member of the Communications Committee.”

Rationale: The phrase “(Internal Communication)” is unnecessary as the responsibility of the E-News Editor is defined in the beginning of the sentence. Deletion of the rest of the sentence brings this section into agreement with the bylaws, there being no Communications Committee.

Section 13 – Website Manager

Delete “S/he is a member of the Communications Committee.”

Rationale: This brings the section into agreement with the rest of the bylaws, there being no Communications Committee.

Section 5 – Add the following:

Finance Committee

A. The Finance Committee shall consist of the Board Treasurer, who will chair the committee, and at least three (3) other members, at least one of whom will not be a Board member.

B. The duties of the Finance Committee shall be to assist the Treasurer in attending to the financial affairs of Senior College.

Rationale: The Board determined that with the growing complexity of the finances of Senior College, it is necessary to have a committee to assist the Treasurer and report to the Board.

Summer Classes Are Here!

Are you curious about how the national conventions really work? Perhaps you would like to explore the life, times and music of Gustav Mahler or the poetry in film and music. Have you thought about teaching a course at our Senior College but were not sure about how to prepare the course? If so, Paul Sheridan is offering a free half-day course that is designed just for you.

Senior College at Belfast is pleased to offer a variety of opportunities to tempt you and your friends to join us for a day or days of fun this summer, learning and meeting with fellow life-long learners.

We are once again waiving the membership fee for all summer courses. You and your friends and neighbors need only to deal with a registration fee of $30 for each class you choose ($15 for Party Conventions). All classes unless otherwise noted begin at 9:30 and run until 3:00 pm. Please bring a brown bag lunch for the full-day classes.

Click here to check out the classes and register.

2016-17 Class Schedule

Here are the class semester dates for the upcoming Senior College school year. Mark your calendars!

Fall: September 15 – October 20, 2016

Winterim: January 19 – February 9, 2017

Spring: March 23 – April 27, 2017

A Sunday at the Theatre

ARMS AND THE MANThe Special Events Committee invites Senior College students to spend the afternoon of Sunday, September 11 at a performance of George Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man,” offered by the highly regarded Midcoast Actors’ Studio of Belfast. The afternoon includes a pre-play introduction to Shaw and his work with Charlotte Herbold, long-time Senior College teacher; a brief conversation with the director, Wendy Schweikert, and reduced-price tickets to the matinee performance. We will meet at 12:30 at the Troy-Howard Middle School library. The performance will follow at 2:00pm

The special ticket price for members of Senior College will be $10 per person at the door (no advance sales), and includes the introduction and admission to the play. Just inform the ticket seller that you are a member of Senior College.

All are welcome.

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Senior College provides a diverse curriculum of programs, classes and special events for those 50 years and older, along with their spouses or partners. Enjoy subjects ranging from the intellectually challenging to the purely enjoyable. We’re the second largest of the 17 Senior Colleges in the state with more than 500 mid-coast members.

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