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Senior College at Belfast

Senior College at Belfast
University of ME Hutchinson Center
80 Belmont Ave.
Belfast, ME 04915

Office open Thursdays
10am to 1pm
When classes are in session
9am – 3pm
207 338-8033
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Welcome to The Senior College at Belfast. Where people meet to exchange new ideas, explore classic and contemporary topics and make new friends.

Senior College provides a diverse curriculum of programs, classes and special events for those 50 years and older, along with their spouses or partners. Enjoy subjects ranging from the intellectually challenging to the purely enjoyable. We're the second largest of the 17 Senior Colleges in the state with more than 500 mid-coast members.

Classes meet every Thursday for six weeks during the fall and spring semesters and for four weeks during a January-February “Winterim” semester.

Take a look at who we are, what we do and why we can’t imagine life without Senior College!

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Latest News
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Winter Storm Closures   1/11/2015   

If there is snow, check here (the news area of the website),  or your local TV station and look for information on University of Maine, Hutchinson Center. If The Hutchinson Center closes on a Thursday, Senior College will not hold classes that day.

Camden Conference   1/11/2015   
The Camden Conference, Russia Resurgence, will be held Feb. 20-22. You may attend from the comfort of the Hutchinson Center, where it will be streamed in live.
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