E-news June, 2017


Dear members,

At our most recent meeting, the Senior College’s Board of Trustees approved a new two-year contract with the Hutchinson Center. The whole process of contract talks reminded me of how fortunate we are to have such fine facilities in which to conduct Senior College. We had several rounds of meetings with the board, our contract committee, and the Hutchinson Center staff. All agreed that our relationship has been mutually beneficial and has improved over the years as we grow more accustomed to each other’s needs.

First of the benefits to Senior College is that we are able to offer most all of our classes on the same day at the same location. Not only does this ease the logistical burden, it also facilitates social interaction through shared coffee breaks and lunch time. We are the only Senior college in Maine to be so lucky. Also, the Hutchinson Center offers a variety of modern classrooms with state of the art technology. I can tell you from personal experience that this makes things much easier for our instructors. Having an office in the same location as the classes likewise makes things easier.

Senior College and the Hutchinson Center have basically grown up together, Senior College having been founded shortly after the Hutchinson Center was created. As a key hub in the University of Maine’s Division of Lifelong Learning, the Hutchinson Center is devoted to serving adult learners, especially with its Bachelor of University Studies program. Senior College complements this work by offering non-degree continuing education for learners age fifty and beyond.

Although we are institutionally separate from the Hutchinson Center, its director, Patty Libby, and the rest of her staff work hard on our behalf to assure that things go well. If you have the chance, please thank them.

Senior College slows down for the summer, but there will be several classes offered and a wonderful kick-off-the-summer picnic on Thursday, June 22 (check the web site).

Best regards,

Arlin Larson

15th Annual Festival of Art

The 2017 Festival of Art, held June 1 thru 4, was all it should have been! Hope you had a chance to stop by and see all the beautiful pieces on exhibit this year. We had 154 registrations from artists, and ended up with 140 actually participating. Attendance was excellent with over 200 at the Opening Night Reception, and 50 or more at the presentation by Marsha Donahue on Sunday afternoon. Visitors to the exhibit on Friday and Saturday arrived in a light but steady stream and we received many compliments on the quality of the art, as well as the organization of the festival itself. This year, 30 percent of our artists were new to the Festival, and the geographic area of Maine from which our artists came, was wider than ever before. The Belfast Bay Fiddlers again donated their time and talents to our opening night, which was much appreciated and enjoyed by all. Although we have no way to verify the sale of artwork, I know at least six pieces were purchased, and based on the number of inquiries, there were probably more by the final day.

We thank all the wonderful volunteers who served at our Greeters Table, monitored the area as a security guard, and provided the many delicious treats for our opening night. We also thank the artists who participated this year and appreciate their complimentary comments. This is the 15th Anniversary of the Festival of Art; an idea that was made a reality by the unforgettable Elizabeth Hieronymus. We hope she would be pleased by how it has grown.

The committee and I are always looking for ways to improve the Festival and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Speaking of the Committee, I would like to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to this event. Each one brings a special talent to the table along with vision, dedication, motivating energy and a great sense of humor. They are a pleasure to work with and vital to the success of the Festival. These wonderful people are: Dianne Horton, Judith Long, Juliane Dow, Ginny Yarnell, and John Economy.

My heartfelt thanks to this multi-talented team! We will see you next year!

Cathy Bradbury, Chair
Festival of Art Committee