E-news March, 2017


Welcome to Spring Semester at Senior College! We are especially glad to be seeing some of our snowbird friends again, although after the late winter storms we have had, some might wonder if they made the right decision. I remember an April 11 storm from my time in Chicago that brought a foot of snow. That couldn’t happen here, could it?

Every now and then, it is good for any organization (or individual) to ask “What good does my organization (or do I) do for whom?” I know from experience that we often go on day after day and year after year just doing what we are used to doing. But why? Wondering about that can be dangerous – it might provoke a middle-age or even retirement-time crisis. But it can also help us gain focus.

Non-profit organizations like Senior College have to ask themselves this at least periodically becauseour by-laws must contain a mission statement – what benefit are we committed to provide for whom. The mission statement of Senior College at Belfast is “to provide intellectual stimulation, practical knowledge, social interaction and fun for persons 50 years of age or older.”

Our hope, therefore, is that our courses, special events, and social gatherings are intellectually stimulating, practically useful, socially engaging, and, of course, fun. Ideally they involve all of the above. But, that it is for you to judge, and for all of us to work on. Everything about Senior College is volunteer based. We need you! Please share your thoughts and ideas and know that any contributions you can make to the work are appreciated.

Best regards,

Arlin Larson

Festival of Art

A REMINDER: All Senior College artists who wish to participate in this year’s Festival of Art have until March 31st to enter. Registration forms and information sheets are available at seniorcollegefestivalofart@gmail.com, the Senior College Office (in the plastic holder on the door, or inside if the office is open). You may also call 338-8033 and leave a message with your name, mailing address and phone number. Membership in Senior College is not a requirement; so if you have a friend or associate who may be interested in submitting a piece for exhibit, please encourage them to do so. Remember, they must be 50 years of age or older and they must be a Maine resident.

Calling All Volunteers

As in prior years, the Festival of Art requires volunteers from Senior College to act as Greeters, Security Guards, and to provide a plate for the “light refreshments” i.e. cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, cookies or brownies.

​If you could give us an hour or two to serve at the Greeting Table or as a Security Guard, it would be most appreciated. Sign up sheets will be available on a table in the Atrium each Thursday during the Spring Semester. Please stop by and see if there might be a time slot convenient for you.

The Committee thanks you very much!

Brown Bag Lunch

March 30, 11:45 -12:45

Betty Balderston, an elder abuse prevention advocate with Legal Services for the Elderly will present “Elder Abuse: A community problem with community solutions.” Elder Abuse is of growing concern throughout the U.S. today, especially here in Maine since we’re one of the oldest states in the country. This one-hour presentation is designed to educate Mainers about the community problem of elder abuse by increasing awareness and identifying resources for community solutions.


April 6, 11:45

Bring a brown bag lunch and enjoy a presentation by HeartSong, a local volunteer chorus that offers songs of comfort and peace for the infirm and ill, the dying and their families and caregivers. They will demonstrate through explanation and song what they can offer to those in need of comfort.

Request for Course Proposals

The Curriculum Committee is requesting anyone who would like to teach a summer or fall course to please submit a course proposal form to us. The form for electronic submission can be found here. If you prefer to print it out, you can find the form for printing and mail submission at this location.

We have received a lot of good course suggestions from our members. If there is anyone out there who could teach on these topics, please consider submitting a proposal. If you know someone who might be willing to teach a course, please send their contact information to sydney59602@yahoo.com.

Course Suggestions:

  • Genetics
  • Math puzzles or brainteasers
  • Dead modern musicians – Prince, Bowie, Cohen, etc.
  • International human rights treaties and conventions
  • Longer world culture course
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation
  • Genealogy
  • Technical course dealing with personal electronic equipment (Roku, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)

History of:

  • China – Opium Wars through Cultural Revolution
  • The Supreme Court
  • Medicine/Nursing
  • Art, Film, Music
  • Maine

Getting to Class

For members who cannot, or prefer not, to drive to the Hutchinson Center, if you live in Belfast (unfortunately not beyond), there is an option to use public transportation provided by WCAP. The cost is $2.00 each way. You must call WCAP, 338-4769, at least 2 business days in advance to schedule the ride. While Senior College is in session, you may set it up as a “subscription” so you wouldn’t have to call and make a reservation every week.