Register Now for Winterim 2018

Registration is now open for the Winterim session of Belfast Senior College which begins Thursday, January 18. Classes run for four consecutive Thursdays, ending February 8. Please register early for the classes you would like to take to avoid disappointment, and be sure to order your text(s) or materials at least two weeks in advance.
Click here to view Winterim course offerings.

Annual Membership Appeal 2017

Fall, 2017

Dear Senior College Member:

We are writing to ask for your help in supporting the important goals of our very special organization. Since its inception in 2001, the college has become one of the cultural anchors of our community. Not just because of the incredible courses which are offered, but truly more so because it has become a place to meet and greet old friends, make new friends, and exchange ideas and thoughts. More than a place to learn from books, it is a place where people and faces still count.

The college has grown and thrived over the years due to the contribution of so many talented and gifted volunteers. Only because of these people in the office, in the halls and in the classrooms are we are able to offer a course, a donut and a place to meet at such a reasonable cost. This year is turning out to be one of our most successful in so many ways, but also is highlighting our continued struggle to keep our membership costs as low as possible.

Even though we continue to get great support from our many volunteers, our fixed costs have escalated significantly over the past several years. The main factors driving costs are: 1. Very significant increases in rental fees at the Hutchinson Center 2. The outsourcing of computer services 3. The use of professional accounting services to monitor finances.

Although the college is still financially solvent, it is running on an increasingly thin margin. In an effort to provide financial stability for the future, we propose instituting an Annual Membership Appeal. An increase in income would hopefully allow the Board to keep future fee increases to a minimum while still providing adequate scholarship help for those in need and a monetary cushion to meet unexpected expenses.

To this end, we are asking that you please consider a tax deductible gift to Senior College which is a 501-C3.organization. Checks can be mailed to the college in the enclosed envelope with Annual Appeal in the memo box. Contributions may also be made on line via Paypal by clicking the button below. As members and participants, one might say this is not only a gift to all, but a gift to ourselves!

Thanks for your consideration.

David Beebe Peter Reilly, Co chairs of Annual Appeal

2018 Class Session Dates

Keep an eye on the website and E-news for a list of Winterim courses. We will be publishing the catalog and opening registration around the first week of December.

Winterim, Jan 18 to Feb 8.
Spring term, Mar 22 to Apr 26.

Communications Policy

Adopted by the SC Board in June, 2016

The purpose of SC advertising or announcements, including but not limited to the website, E-news, or classroom announcements, is to promote Senior College, and to inform the membership and the community of courses, special events, speakers, or projects that Senior College is directly involved with. Volunteer opportunities and other community events that Senior College (including the Community Service Committee) is not directly involved with (see following paragraph) are beyond the scope and purpose of the website, E-news, and classroom announcements, or any other advertisements, and are not permitted.

A Senior College committee or group is directly involved with a non-profit group or community event when the members of that committee or group have agreed, for some specified period of time (e.g., for the upcoming year, for a certain month, or for a particular date), that its members will participate in a particular non-profit or community event, at a specified time and place. If an SC committee or group merely urges (by mentioning or advertising) the SC membership at large to support a non-profit, or to attend a community event, then that does not count as “direct involvement” by the committee or group. To count as “direct involvement,” the committee or group members themselves must have committed to participate in some specific event (for a non-profit organization or in a community event). Given they have done this, if they also wish to invite members of the SC community at large to participate in that specific event, then that is permissible.